Dec 6, 2008

Google Slap Tips

The Google Slap (which technically is really "The Google Adwords Slap") is really an adjustment made to AdWords that penalizes (slaps) advertisers who have landing pages and sites with little content. It especially slapped advertisers that use "name squeeze" pages, since name squeezes tend to have very little (if any) content.
Advertisers with name squeeze, and other short landing pages, suddenly had high minimum bids for many of their keywords - keywords that they'd been getting relatively cheap clicks on. But nearly ALL advertisers have felt the slap on at least some of their favorite keywords.Everyone wants lasting relief from the Google Slap.
What you can do about it:You're going to have to improve your Quality Score on your pages. First of all you're going to have to put at least some content on your page.Take this page for example: I'm not just asking for a signup and nothing else. I'm providing information of value up-front (while leaving more details for the Google Slap Tips course). Also, I have other pages on my site. It's not one of those "micro sites" that are just comprised of a salesletter or name squeeze page. These things make visitors happy and make Google happy ... rewarding you with better Quality Scores. And removing the slap.
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