Jan 12, 2009

The Science of Getting Rich Affiliate Program

The Science of Getting Rich was a book written in 1910 by Wallace Wattles that has
recently gained a lot of popularity as a means of helping people to change their lives for
the better by following a few basic principles.
Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Dr Michael Beckwith who all starred in “The Secret”
have now come out with a program based on this book where they offer a lot of useful
tools for people who want to implement these principles in their lives.
You can join their affiliate program for free, or pay for more benefits, and receive $500
on each sale you make or $250 on each sale that your personal referrals make. This is a
nice high commission though the product itself is a very high ticket item at just under
I would recommend signing up for the free affiliate program to begin with and using as
many marketing methods as you can to promote it. Also make sure you get your own
website to help with the promotion of the program as this is always beneficial when it
comes to affiliate marketing. I have just used my MBuchanan.net/recommends website to
promote this program online (where I promote many other products) as most of my other
websites I want to keep predominantly to free content.
Optimize your page advertising this program for the search engines and also use PPC
advertising to promote it and article marketing. There are many people interested in this
topic and although you may make less sales than if it was available at a lower cost the
high commission figures you receive will make it worthwhile once you do start bringing
in sales.
In order to sign up with the Science of Getting Rich program as an affiliate visit

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UseAds.com - Advertise your site at UseAds.com! Submit your site and get tons of traffic!