Feb 13, 2009

Traffic Building Tip - 2 for a Website

Satisfy the Search Spiders
Sites like Google, Yahoo, AQL, MSN etc. can bring in tons of traffic to your site, so its important the search engine spiders and bots can read oyour pages.

A spider is a script the search engines send out to your page that collects information about your code, content, site popularity etc. Based on the information it collects it will determine your page rank for various keyword phrases.

Spiders Love HTML
Flash, Javascript and all other such fancy languages that make your site look "cool" may hinder the search engines from reading your content.
Even though engines like google are getting better at reading javascript code, it's still best to just use good HTML.

Get Rid of Frames
Search engine spiders cannot read content that sits inside frames. So if you use them, you are jeopardizing your search engine rankings.

Use keywords in hyperlinks
When you are linking to internal pages within your site, its a good idea to use the keywords that describe that page. Thsi may help that page rank higher for that phrase.
So if you are linking to a page about Skin Care, instead of saying "click here to view that page", it would be more useful to say, "Viw my article on skin care". Notice the inmportant phrase "Skin Care" is inside hyperlink.

Use keywords for your filenames
When naming your pages it's also important that you inclide your important keywords in the filename. Some search engines use these to help determine the page rank.
Using the skin care example again, you could name one of your pages, skin-care.html instead of page1.html. Its also important to seperate multiple word with a hiphen instead of runnign then together(skincare.html).

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UseAds.com - Advertise your site at UseAds.com! Submit your site and get tons of traffic!